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    Peace that endures

    When music artist Ilonka was just 12 years old, she was betrayed by a trusted adult in the worst possible way. Discover how the message of salvation brought Ilonka’s hidden pain into the light driving her straight into the loving arms of the Lord. Now she lives and performs for an audience of One, Jesus, […]

    A love that restores

    Isaiah chapter 61 promises that the Lord will provide comfort for those who mourn and restore broken lives with “a crown of beauty instead of ashes.” Both Beckie and Barbara Jean’s hearts had been deeply wounded by abuse and shame. Discover how their lives were transformed through Jesus Christ and how they found healing and […]

    Reconciling sexual abuse to a good God–KC’s Story

    For 15 years, KC was married to a Christian man whom she thought she knew. Then she discovered that her husband had been abusing their children. That’s when KC’s perfect world came crashing in. KC tells her story, a story of heartbreak, but ultimately of redemption. Discover how God can turn ashes into beauty. We […]

    I didn’t think God wanted me–Amanda’s Story

    When a trusted family member stole her innocence, he also robbed Amanda of her sense of self-worth. Believing she was damaged beyond repair, Amanda threw herself into destructive habits. Learn how God revealed His love and grace in making a broken person whole again!

    to suffer alone

    In a Downton Abbey episode, beloved housemaid Anna Bates is brutally raped. It was heart-wrenching to watch her try to keep it a secret. The head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes, found Anna shortly after the assault—bruised, crying, and hiding in a corner. Despite the strong urgings of Mrs. Hughes, Anna told her to tell no one, not even her husband. She was not only afraid he would kill her assailant, but she also felt “dirty” and believed the attack was somehow her fault.

    What man destroys . . . God rebuilds – Kaye and Earl’s Story

    Traumatic events can turn hearts to stone and change the people we love into complete strangers. But God’s grace overwhelms even the most unyielding objects and reunites lives that have been torn apart. Hear how God brought Kaye and Earl back together nearly four decades after tragic circumstances led to their divorce. Find out more…

    I heard it, I believed it, but it was NOT the Truth–Stephen’s Story

    Sexual abuse can distort the way we see God and also warp the way we view ourselves. Discover how one man found release from homosexuality and the events of his childhood by experiencing the unconditional grace of Jesus.
    Find out more of what the Bible says about “Designed For Desire: God’s Design For Sexuality.”
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    When Trust Is Lost: Healing For Victims Of Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse is one of the few crimes that brings more shame to the victim than to the offender—the devastating loss of innocence and relationship can last a lifetime. Discover how you can find hope that leads to healing and peace as Dan Allender, professor of counseling at Western Seminary in Seattle, shares a process of recovery for both victims and offenders.

    God’s pure love destroys the buried pain from sexual abuse–Linda Michelle’s Story

    The pain and devastation of sexual abuse can be debilitating. It’s a crime that leaves many trapped in silence, unable to share their pain and find healing. Linda Michelle shares how God freed her from the shackles of abuse and enabled her to bring life-giving hope to other women. Find out more of what the...

    God can soothe and heal the devastating scars of child abuse–Angela’s Story

    No one likes to think about the horrors of child abuse. It’s hard to imagine something so ugly and tragic happens every day in the world. For Angela, this personal violation was a painful reality during her childhood. You’ll find encouragement in this sensitive edition of Words To Live By through Angela’s powerful story of how God healed her hidden wounds.

    Overcoming the scars of abuse – Deborah’s Story

    Behind closed doors of Christian homes across the world are husbands and wives who are hiding the awful secret shame of domestic abuse. Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling to overcome the scars of abuse in your life. Discover how God provided healing for Deborah and find hope for whatever trial you may be facing.

    Is it truly possible to heal from the scars of abuse?–Kay’s Story

    When someone has wounded you deeply, it may not be easy to extend forgiveness and allow healing to begin. Kay shares her story of reconciliation with a childhood abuser, and how we can find the strength to forgive from the power of God’s Word.

    Breaking free from the bondage of abuse–Brenetia’s Story

    After more than seventeen years of abuse, Brenetia was filled with hatred and bitterness. Hear how God gave Brenetia freedom from her past, and healing through His Word. No matter what you’ve been through, freedom can be yours in Jesus Christ.

    Finding rescue and restoration–Gary’s Story

    You don’t start out in life planning to live on the streets. After a painful childhood and three failed marriages, Gary found himself with no home to go to. Find hope for whatever you may be facing as you learn how God turned Gary’s life around.

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