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    Pornography: You Can Break Free

    October 3, 2012, is a day my husband Andrew and I will never forget. On the same day every year, we dress up, go out to a fancy restaurant, and celebrate a unique anniversary: Andrew’s freedom from the chains of almost two decades of addiction to pornography.

    Restoration of our brokenness

    Pornography is one of the most common addictions in our world today, ensnaring millions and destroying countless marriages. But Jon and Nicole discovered hope and healing in Christ. They share how God’s forgiveness and restoration changed their marriage forever.

    Finding freedom from the trap of pornography

    Pornography is an addiction that is easily fueled in our sex-saturated culture. Lives
    unraveled by a lure so strong it has the power to destroy families and ruin lives. Jerry’s
    and Mickey’s addictions had cost each of them dearly. But there is a power that is so
    much greater and offers hope to those struggling with this destructive habit. Learn how
    God’s grace, and the accountability of others, helped both men to find the freedom they
    desperately sought.

    Unshackled From My Sin For Good

    Sin. This three-letter word dominated my life. Although I called myself a Christian, I committed the same sins over and over again: watching pornographic movies, smoking, and drinking strong liquor.

    An Exchange

    Jen sat on her patio pondering a scary question: Should she write a book? She had enjoyed writing a blog and speaking in public but felt God might want her to do more. “I asked God if He wanted me to do this,” she said. She talked with Him and asked for His leading.

    She began to wonder if God wanted her to write about her husband’s pornography addiction and how God was working in his life and their marriage. But then she thought that it might publicly disrespect him. So she prayed, “What if we wrote it together?” and she…

    Escaping the trap of pornography–David’s Story

    Addiction is a prison that shackles us with shame, fear, and guilt. But Jesus came to set captives free. David shares a candid tale of deliverance! Hear how God released him from pornography and set him on the path to freedom.

    the seventh commandment

    Adultery is defined as “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse” (Oxford English Dictionary). So the seventh commandment applies only to those who commit the act, right?

    Repairing the “unrepairable”–Part 2 of 2 – Jon & Nicole’s Story

    Men and women from every walk of life can fall prey to the destructive lure of pornography. And without the Lord’s help, this addiction has the power to rip marriages apart. Jon and Nicole describe how God saved their marriage from the ravages of sin. Find out more of what the Bible says about “When…

    This fairy-tale wedding came to a screeching halt–Part 1 of 2 – Jon & Nicole’s Story

    Nicole wanted the fairy tale wedding—complete with white dress and handsome groom taking her off into the sunset. But when the destructive cycle of pornography took hold early into their marriage, Jon and Nicole had to fight for their relationship before it had barely even started. Find out more of what the Bible says about…

    Trapped: Finding Freedom From Pornography, Part II

    There’s a secret many men labor to conceal. It’s a secret that crosses all age, socioeconomic, and racial boundaries. It’s hiding an affair of the mind fueled by pornography.

    Trapped: Finding Freedom From Pornography, Part I

    There’s a secret many men labor to conceal. It’s a secret that crosses all age, socioeconomic, and racial boundaries. It’s hiding an affair of the mind fueled by pornography. It starts with a quiet compromise. Soon, the shame and fear of being discovered, and the possibility of losing everything including those they love, keep men from revealing their secret obsession. They’re trapped and feel powerless to escape.

    But there is hope for someone caught in the trap of pornography. The purpose of this series is to expose the dangers of pornography and to offer help and a way out for those caught by its seduction. You’ll hear firsthand from a husband and wife and three men who lived the nightmare and now work to expose the lies of pornography and help others by telling their stories.

    Runtime: 26 minutes

    A Covenant With My Eyes

    Our friend is a computer “techie.” One night when our family was at his house, I noticed a verse taped to his monitor: “I have made a covenant with my eyes” (Job 31:1). Evidently, he understood the potential danger of spending hours alone in front of a computer with easy access to indecent images.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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