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    The Unbreakable Promise: God’s Covenant With Moses, Part II

    Approximately 3,500 years ago, God made a covenant with Moses and the people of Israel. But was simple obedience to the law the only thing that God truly desired? Or was there more to it? Join us as we learn about the laws given to the Israelites, and the underlying purposes beneath them. Through a […]

    The Unbreakable Promise: God’s Covenant With Abraham, Part I

    Abraham’s life was filled with amazing experiences and amazing promises from God Himself. Told that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky, Abraham was also surprised to learn that kings would come forth from him—including one King who would be a blessing to the entire world. We now know that […]

    Abraham’s Life of Faith

    He went out, not knowing where he was going. —Hebrews 11:8

    In the Old Testament, a person’s relationship with God was seen by the degree of separation in that person’s life. This separation is exhibited in the life of Abraham by his separation from his country and his family. When we think of separation today, we do not mean to be…

    The Rescue of Jerusalem

    King Hezekiah’s choice to stand on the promise of God during crisis provides great inspiration in this play-by-play account of Jerusalem’s deliverance from the Assyrians.

    My Search for Messiah, Part II

    Program will be available to view Friday, September 25, 2015. For centuries the Messianic hopes and prayers of the Jewish people have been focused on the Western Wall and the Temple that used to rise above it’s massive stones. Michael Rydelnik, whose parents were holocaust survivors, first came to the wall at age 10. Since […]

    My Search for Messiah, Part I

    For Christians (followers of Christ), Jesus is at the center of everything they believe. As a Jewish young man, Michael Rydelnik refused to even consider Jesus’ claim to be the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures. But when his own mother, a Holocaust survivor, revealed to her family that she now believed in Jesus, it divided their family.

    Michael, in an effort to convince his mother that she was wrong, began to study the Messianic prophecies found in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament Scriptures. Little did he know that his efforts to find evidence to dissuade his mother from her faith in Jesus would in fact lead him to the Jewish Messiah.

    Join Dr. Michael Rydelnik as he recounts his own personal journey of discovery in this 3-part series, “My Search for Messiah.”

    Runtime: 26 minutes

    Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy

    The ancient Hebrew Scriptures predict the coming of a Messiah, who will rescue His people and bring peace and justice to the world. Throughout the centuries, Jesus’ followers have claimed that hundreds of these prophecies were fulfilled in Him. But where are those predictions and how can we uncover their true meaning? Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy, on this Day of Discovery.

    Approximate runtime: 26 minutes

    The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53, Part I: The Mystery of Deliverance

    Join Dr. Michael Rydelnik and other biblical scholars as they engage in a captivating discussion to unlock the mysteries of one of the most fascinating passages of Scripture. You’ll gain insights from the Jewish and Christian perspectives as you examine the interpretations and implications. Discover and explore the clues that help to reveal the mystery […]

    The Mysterious Prophecy of Isaiah 53: The Mysteries Explored

    Exploring the ancient prophecy of Isaiah 53 is one of the most fascinating studies one can make. Some say it reveals the story of the Bible in just a few verses. At the heart of the mystery is identifying the one called “My servant.”

    Judaism most often identifies the suffering servant as the people of Israel who also have suffered throughout history. Those who believe Jesus was the Messiah of Israel see Isaiah 53 as predicting Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, centuries before he lived. Can both interpretations find common ground?

    Hosted from Israel, this 4-part DVD presents biblical scholars who discuss the clues and interpretations. Participants include Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Michael Brown, and Dr. Darrell Bock.

    Also included: Bonus 30-minute documentary exploring the historical and archeological setting for Isaiah’s prophecy of hope and redemption.

    Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired.

    Approximate running time: 150 minutes (30 minutes for each program)

    Need a reminder that God hasn’t forgotten you?

    Remember Me! That was the heartfelt prayer of a woman who felt lost and completely forgotten by God. Discover how God answered Hannah’s prayer in a personal and loving way.

    How does God want us to respond to the life He’s given us?

    We’re not in control of the hand we’ve been dealt. But we do have a choice in how we play the cards we have. Join us as we conclude our study in Ruth with a biblical challenge.

    Discover the visible fingerprints of God in the smallest details of life

    Sometimes it can feel like we serve an unseen God. Yet, if we were to look closer, we’d find God is nearer than we think! Join us as we continue exploring the book of Ruth.

    A surprising biblical scene with a woman proposing!

    Traditionally, it’s a guy’s job to get down on one knee to ask for a lady’s hand in marriage. Well, our discussion today runs into a surprising biblical scene with a woman proposing! What’s that all about? Don’t miss our exciting conversation today.

    How do we offer God’s love to others when we feel empty of it ourselves?

    You can’t give what you don’t think you have. So how do we offer God’s love to others when we feel empty of it ourselves? Today we discover how Naomi went from hollow emptiness to overflowing fullness!

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