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Our mission is to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.

Our Daily Bread Ministries began its operation in Sri Lanka in 1996, distributing the quarterly edition of Our Daily Bread to English-speaking readers. Over the years our focus has expanded to providing more resources for personal and group Bible study, and publications that address common issues faced by Christians and also translating them into the local languages which are Sinhala and Tamil. We are now exploring opportunities to make these translations available in the local Churches and other Christian organizations.

We truly value the support extended to us by you, our readers.


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Our Daily Bread Ministries
64/1 Galle Road
Dehiwala 10350

Our Daily Bread Ministries
PO Box 19
Dehiwala 10350

(+94-11) 272 1252

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With a 26-year war over, Sri Lanka has returned to peace. Roads to the north are now open. Join us in bringing god's word to the people of Sri Lanka. [Watch a video update] on this project.


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