Month: April 2013

Fantastic Offers

I am amazed at the unbelievable offers that flood my e-mail box every day. Recently, I added up the offers of free money that came to me in a week, and my “take” totaled $26 million. But each of those offers was a fraud.

for a lifetime

David Brooks, in his book The Social Animal, details how Gary McPherson studied 157 randomly selected children who had chosen to play a musical instrument. McPherson wanted to know why some students went on to become really good musicians and why others faltered. He believed there was one factor. Even before the kids picked up their instruments, McPherson asked: “How long do you think you will play?” The students who planned to play for a short while did not become very proficient. The students who planned to practice and play their whole lives became very good musicians.

Discover how the Great Physician uses the Law to diagnose and heal our sin

Though an x-ray can reveal what’s broken inside us, we still need the skilled hand of a surgeon to repair internal damage. It’s a spiritual check-up.

Overcoming Bad News

There are many who say, ‘Who will show us any good?’” (Ps. 4:6). These words of David seem to describe the pessimistic outlook we so easily develop in our world today. The front page of newspapers and the top stories on the Internet or television seem to focus on crime, accidents, politics, the economy, and prominent people behaving badly. Our conversations at work and home begin to dwell on difficulties, and it’s enough to discourage anyone. Where can we turn for better news?

the promised Spirit

In a world where promises are easily made and broken, many people are skeptical about the value of them. We read quotes such as, “The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken. It’s like an unspoken cosmic rule.”

A biblical perspective on the purpose of the Law

The Bible declares we’re saved by the free gift of grace. In light of Jesus’ sacrifice, no amount of obedience to the Law can ever make us right with God! Let's examine the importance of the Ten Commandments in light of salvation.


By Debra Ayis, Nigeria Tears fill my eyes In this world of goodbyes As I look down this rugged cliff. Years have passed When to this cliff I cleaved As the water hits jagged rocks My life seems to have reached its dock This pen seems my only solace In a life once filled with [...]

Terrifying Moments

When our first child was born, my wife, Marlene, was in labor for more than 30 hours, creating tremendous stress for both her and the baby. The doctor, a fill-in for her regular physician, was unfamiliar with her and her pregnancy. As a result, he waited too long to make the decision to perform an emergency Caesarean section, and the resulting trauma put our infant son in the neo-natal intensive care unit. There was nothing they could do to help our baby to overcome his trauma-induced condition.

lost in the dark

Last March, the Ecuadorian navy rescued 18-year-old Adrian Vasquez after he had aimlessly floated 28 days across the ocean on a 10-foot schooner. He had gone fishing with two friends, but as they headed toward shore the motor failed. Vasquez’s friends soon died from exposure and hunger. When he was found, the fortunate teen was 600 miles from home. He was clinging to life and completely disoriented. “He was quiet, looking lost,” the navy captain said. Vasquez asked for a phone to call his mother and to call his boss in order to explain why he’d been absent.

Calling You

A couple of co-workers and I had just gone through airport security and were walking to our gate when I heard my name: “Paging Anne Cetas. Paging Anne Cetas.” It’s not a common name, so we knew it had to be mine. I assumed I had absent-mindedly left something at the check-in point. I checked with an airline agent, who told me to pick up a red phone, give my name, and ask why I was being paged.

doing God’s will

The young missionary couple was confused. Certain that God had called them to serve in a specific mission field, they shared their calling with the church leadership. They then received conflicting counsel. One group affirmed their call. Another group redirected them to go to a safer country. The couple brought their conflicted situation to the Lord. After much prayer, they headed to the country God had originally placed on their hearts to begin their mission work. Because they were committed to obey His Word, they quickly found themselves doing His will.

Leaving a lasting impression–James’ Story

While most children reflect the patterns they see in their parents, Jim was determined to live differently. His resolve failed him as he got older. Discover how Jim found hope and the strength to change when he learned to rely on Jesus. An encouraging reminder of the transforming power of grace.

The Best Season Yet

Life is a lot like the weather . . . it’s seasonal. It has a way of pushing us into the next season whether we like it or not. And when pushed into the next season, we are often uncertain and even fearful of what it might hold for us.

the question

Here’s something you will never read in an obituary: “Susan Abernathy is survived by Harold, her husband of 47 years, three children, and six grandchildren. Susan was treasurer of the West Kalloon Realtor’s Association, director of numerous Vacation Bible Schools, and finished the human race in 823rd place.

An insightful study on the Ten Commandments and the role it plays in our lives

The Ten Commandments were given to a people and a culture bound to follow Old Testament law. So do those ancient rules have any application in our lives today?

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