My Decision to Follow Jesus

My Decision to Follow Jesus

Thirty years ago, I went to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. At the far end of the garden is “Skull Hill” where the skull-face effect can still be seen, and the site of the crucifixion. After walking the full circle, I came upon a well-preserved rock-hewn tomb. The entrance would have been sealed with a “great stone” as described in the Gospel Matt 27:60.
I entered the Tomb through a small opening in the rock and found myself in a small chamber—the Weeping Chamber. Looking through a low threshold was another chamber of the same size which held 2 loculi (burial places), one finished with a rock pillow and one unfinished. There was nothing else in either chamber except a small sign in the Weeping Chamber on the rock wall which read, “He is risen; He is not here” from Mark 16:6.
As I read, a voice so mighty it seemed to be all AROUND me, OVER me, ON me, and IN me! “You are not alone; I am with you.” I stood frozen, as a young man quietly checking out the surroundings appeared to be oblivious to the voice and me. How could he not hear it? I cannot properly describe that feeling, but I’ll never forget it. . . shock and awe, wonder, HUGE, and it filled every fiber of my being. I ducked out of the tomb, drying my tears. I HAD JUST MET JESUS! I KNEW that. I had done nothing to deserve a visit from Him, and pondered this for years and years while never speaking of it to anyone until a few years ago.
I went back to a life of full of fun and sin. Then, a few years ago, I met an Evangelist who “saw” something in me, took me under her wing preaching the Word of God, and Baptized me in The Holy Spirit. And that was just the beginning. Thinking back on my experience in the Garden Tomb, I understand what Jesus meant when He said: It is expedient for you that I go away. But when I go away (to heaven) I will send the promise of the Father, which is the Comforter (Holy Spirit; Holy Ghost), for not only will He be WITH you, but He will be IN you. (John 16:7; 14:7) I thank God that He never gave up on me, for where would I be without Him?!!?

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