Join Our Daily Bread Ministries as we again offer one of our most popular webinars to expose the destruction that emotional abuse brings into the home. Featured guests Leslie Vernick, author of the book The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, and Chris Moles, pastor and certified batterer intervention group facilitator, share insights into recognizing behaviors that can lead married couples beyond the boundaries of a nourishing relationship.

To get a free sample download from Leslie Vernick’s book, click the book title link: The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope. For additional resources from Leslie, check out her website at:

For a free download of an Our Daily Bread booklet by counselors Jeff Olson and Tim Jackson (one of our hosts) click the title link: When Violence Comes Home. Another booklet on verbal abuse by Jeff Olson is also available at: When Words Hurt.

For more information from Our Daily Bread Ministries to help you understand abuse and what can be done to stop it, click the link: Abuse.