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    How did Paul overcome feelings of hurt and abandonment?

    Have you ever felt abandoned by someone you cared about? It can be difficult recovering from that type of pain and disappointment. Join us today for an encouraging conversation on “Discover the Word.”

    a terrible kind of lonely

    The Great Andamanese is one of the most ancient people groups, a collection of 10 tribes tracing their lineage directly back to the first people who migrated out of Africa. These tribes have slowly dwindled over the past few centuries. One of the tribes had only one survivor remaining, Boa Sr.—a woman with no children and failing eyesight. After Boa’s husband died, she was no longer able to speak to anyone in her native language (Bo).

    His perfect time–Angela’ s Story

    Our relationship with our parents can provide both comfort and pain. Thankfully, we have a heavenly Father who offers unconditional love. Angela describes how a desperate search for her earthly father led to reconciliation with her heavenly one! Find out more of what the Bible says about “Finding Hope In A Hopeless World.”

    A remedy for miserable, exhausted, and alone–Tyler’s Story

    Tyler is an attorney who, after finding Christ himself, realized that the people he was representing needed so much more than the legal advice he could give them. He began a ministry outside the courthouse leading those being processed through the legal system into the loving arms of Christ. We would like to thank Woodmen…

    How to escape from persistent troubles

    Have there been times in your life when it feels like for every step you take forward, you’re forced to take two steps back? After a while, life can feel like a relentless chore! Here is an encouraging look at a place where we can escape that helplessness.

    One woman’s pursuit of a meaningful relationship, and how she found it in Jesus!

    No one likes to be alone. And in order to make the loneliness go away, we can make some bad choices!

    You’ve Got A Friend

    One of the ironic consequences of the sweeping growth of social media is that we often find ourselves more personally isolated. One online article warns: “Those who oppose leading one’s life primarily or exclusively online claim that virtual friends are not adequate substitutes for real-world friends, and . . . individuals who substitute virtual friends for physical friends become even lonelier and more depressive than before.”

    Discover the comfort of the Savior in the midst of your struggle

    Pain is an isolating emotion. When we hurt, it often feels like we hurt all alone. Let’s begin a new study that offers biblical encouragement in times of distress

    Living in The Wilderness of Life

    For thousands of years, the wilderness of Israel has been windswept, barren, and life threatening; a place of reflection, testing, and survival. And for just as long it has been a picture of our own desert places of loneliness, betrayal, and disease.

    Author and musician Michael Card joins Mart DeHaan for a thoughtful walk through this land of the Bible. Together they reflect on the rugged times and “wilderness” places of our own lives. “Living in the Wilderness of Life” on this Day of Discovery.

    Approximate running time: 26 minutes

    The Gift Of Remembering

    During seminary, I worked in a nursing home. As I spent time talking to these men and women, at some point nearly every patient would describe the loneliness of their present lives and the realization that they were outliving their peers. Most wondered if anyone would remember them when they passed from this life.

    Never Alone

    Having played intercollegiate soccer, I’ve never lost my love for “The Beautiful Game.” I especially enjoy watching the English Premier League. One reason is the skill and speed with which the game is played there. Also, I love the way the fans sing in support of their beloved “sides.” For instance, Liverpool has for years had “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as its theme.

    When hope is lost, God hears your cry–LaVanna’s Story

    Few things are more painful than losing a loved one. When LaVanna lost her husband to cancer, the loneliness was overwhelming. We’ll be reminded that in our most desperate moments God hears our cry. Have you lost all hope?

    September 2019: Christian Living

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