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    Dead or Alive?

    I recently received news that the cancer I’ve been battling off and on for 12 years has returned for the fifth time. So now my wife and I are prayerfully considering treatment possibilities. The therapy employed last time included a bone marrow transplant. And now with that normally last line of defense crossed, my doctor tells me we’re in “uncharted territory.” My lymphoma has continued to threaten to take my life. That’s why I’m glad I already was dead—but am now alive in Jesus.

    When I was Angry with God

    Have you ever been angry with God because of an illness, a physical disability, poverty, or family problems? I have. Several years ago, I felt some pain in my back, but didn’t think of going to see a doctor.

    “I don’t want to waste my life”

    After she was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at age ten, Paige’s childhood came to a screeching halt. Despite her grim prognosis, a friend told her something that would change the course of her life, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” From that point on, Paige refused to limit God and His ability to use her circumstances for her good and His glory.

    How Should We Respond to Illness?

    As a medical social worker, I provide support to people who have suffered the loss of physical ability, mental capacity, or both. In my course of work, I’ve come across many patients and family members who face difficult circumstances because of their illnesses.

    “It ain’t over ’til it’s over” – Ed Dobson’s Story

    When Ed heard the diagnosis that he had only two to five years to live, he was forced to examine what he truly believed about God. But over a decade has passed since he received that death sentence, and he knows the Lord still has plans for him. Discover how Ed learned to live in the present where faith is found rather than in the future where fear resides. Find insight and inspiration for whatever trials come your way.

    Does God Want Me Well?

    Sickness and suffering can challenge your faith in God. Find out what God’s Word says about sickness and healing, as Herb Vander Lugt examines four biblical certainties that offer hope to believers who are enduring times of illness. Discover how you can stand on the certainty that God will make you well—perhaps on earth, but surely in heaven—when you put your trust in Him.

    A Life Rewritten: Marissa’s Story

    At age 14, Marissa Freyling was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer; a decade of painful medical procedures followed. Only through God’s grace could she find purpose in her trials.

    God as both Redeemer and Restorer

    God is both a Redeemer and a Restorer. While we can sometimes find it difficult to believe that anything good can come from the horrific, it’s God’s desire to take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it around for good. And in the midst of a crisis, it’s critical to surround yourself with those who share that same hope.

    Discover the hope that doesn’t disappoint

    Let’s talk about how pain can have purpose. No one likes to suffer, but suffering can actually be productive if we allow it to be. Difficult times can produce perseverance, that refines our character, that then results in hope. And when that hope is fixed on God, it’s a hope that doesn’t disappoint.

    The power of heartfelt prayer

    The Bible tells us in First Corinthians that we’re to comfort others with the same comfort we’ve received from God. But sometimes we need a push to do that. Let’s discuss the power of heartfelt prayer and how Vivian’s desperate, middle-of-the-night cry to God delivered a miraculous result.

    Living out our faith with other believers

    In our individualistic culture, it’s sometimes hard to ask for help even when we need it the most. Let’s talk about why Christianity is not a faith to be lived out all by our lonesome. The “fellowship of believers” is not a social club—it’s an “us” versus “I” living organism, designed by God, to bring healing and grace even in hopeless situations.

    How God goes before a crisis

    When cancer strikes, most people feel overwhelmed, incapable of coping. Yet for those who turn to God they often find He’s already gone ahead and prepared the way, easing their burden. Let’s discuss how sometimes it takes a crisis for us to look back and see how God has orchestrated certain events for His purposes and our spiritual growth.

    A sanctuary in their suffering–Ron & Joanie’s Story

    What happens when you’re operating in pure survival mode? When all your energy goes to simply getting through your day? Ron and Joanie share the tremendous challenges they faced and the miracle they needed in order to overcome. Hear how a Vietnam vet with panic disorder and a nurse on the brink of death received […]

    Prayer in Times of Trouble

    On October 27, 2014, BBC Africa posted on their social media outlets, “Today we are asking the question: ‘Is the widespread panic about #Ebola justified?’—and we’re looking for callers. . . . Statistically, Ebola still kills far fewer people than malaria and other diseases. So why has it dominated the headlines?”

    When life comes to a standstill–Vivian’s Story

    When the diagnosis comes so hard and fast that you can hardly breathe, where do you turn? Hear how the power of a loving God and the ongoing support of His people helped Vivian battle through her cancer journey. Find strength to hang on no matter what you’re facing.

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