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    In ancient Rome, adoption was occasionally used by the emperors to pass on succession to competent heirs. Augustus Caesar was adopted by his great-uncle Julius Caesar. Other notable adoptees include the emperors Tiberius, Trajan, and Hadrian. All of them proved to be strong rulers because each lived like a child of his adoptive father.

    God's Heirs

    When friends of ours considered having an orphan from another country come to live with their family, they prayerfully faced their feelings about many issues. To bring the child into the US, they would have to adopt her, giving her the same rights and status as their own children. She would become one of their heirs.

    They were not unwilling to share what they had, but they struggled with the long-term implications of what they were about to do. To care for a foster child is a compassionate, unselfish undertaking. But to choose to adopt is an even more serious responsibility.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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