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    no ordinary struggle

    Near the conclusion of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King, Frodo is on the verge of completing his mission to destroy the Ring of Power. With the fate of Middle Earth hanging in the balance, all that’s left is to cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.

    The unrelenting pursuit of a holy God–Raymond’s Story and Jennifer’s Story

    No matter where you’ve gone or what you’ve done, God doesn’t stop pursuing His children. Discover how God transformed the lives of Jennifer and Raymond, two people struggling under the weight of addiction and set them on the path to recovery. Be encouraged by a story of God’s love and power. We would like to […]

    Conquering generational addiction–Rusty & Darla’s Story

    Growing up on Native American reservations and dealing with families ripped apart by alcohol and drug abuse, Rusty and Darla were on the road to destruction. This couple shares their surprising story of transformation. Hear how God’s mercy and grace put them on a new path. We would like to thank KLMP in Rapid City,…

    I didn’t think God wanted me–Amanda’s Story

    When a trusted family member stole her innocence, he also robbed Amanda of her sense of self-worth. Believing she was damaged beyond repair, Amanda threw herself into destructive habits. Learn how God revealed His love and grace in making a broken person whole again!

    Struggling With Addiction

    Eric was struggling with an addiction, and he knew it. His friends and family members encouraged him to stop. He agreed that it would be best for his health and relationships, but he felt helpless. When others told him how they had quit their bad habits, he replied, “I’m happy for you, but I can’t seem to stop! I wish I had never been tempted in the first place. I want God to take the desire away right now.”

    “I was tired of living like this!”– Janet’s Story

    Janet knew of God’s love but it seemed far away as her circumstances overwhelmed her. The search for something or someone who could offer love and consistency began at an early age and followed her into adulthood. The meaning, purpose, and hope she’d been looking for was finally found at a time and in a…

    “I can’t believe you’re still alive!”–Travis’ Story

    The adrenaline rush that comes with performing dangerous stunts can be addictive. It was a feeling Travis chased for many years, until his whole life came to a screeching halt. Discover how one man eventually found life’s greatest thrills in serving the Lord and others! Find out more of what the Bible says about “Joseph:…

    Destructive choices give way to a metamorphosis in Christ–Joe’s Story

    No matter what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, there’s hope available to you through Jesus Christ! As a drug addict, dealer, and criminal, Joe wanted something more than the life he was living. Find out how he found true freedom through a personal relationship with God.

    Addictions–Miguel’s Story

    Miguel’s answer to the emptiness he felt only left him with bigger problems.  When his gambling addiction left him homeless, he found hope and a future in an unexpected place

    Finding truth following a life of deception–Betty and Scott’s story

    Financial stability isn’t handed to us free and clear. It’s a lot of work! When Betty and Scott came to terms with mishandling their finances, they found freedom from the debt trap by trusting God!

    Making positive changes, both in your life and in your family–Bob’s Story

    Involved in drugs and alcohol from a young age, Bob turned his back on God. But when he saw his children following in his footsteps, he knew it was time to turn to God for some serious changes in his life.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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