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    Destructive choices give way to a metamorphosis in Christ–Joe’s Story

    No matter what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, there’s hope available to you through Jesus Christ! As a drug addict, dealer, and criminal, Joe wanted something more than the life he was living. Find out how he found true freedom through a personal relationship with God.

    Making positive changes, both in your life and in your family–Bob’s Story

    Involved in drugs and alcohol from a young age, Bob turned his back on God. But when he saw his children following in his footsteps, he knew it was time to turn to God for some serious changes in his life.

    Experiencing the grace of God and overcoming a powerful addiction–Phil and Kathy’s Story

    Perhaps you need a second chance today. Phil had a good life, but when an injury forced him into early retirement from police work, he found himself going down a path he never expected. See how God brought Phil through the dark days of addiction and homelessness, and how He can give you the second chance you may need.

    When it seems there’s nowhere left to turn, turn to God–Jeff’s Story

    As a teen, Jeff desperately wanted to fit in and found that drugs were an easy way to be accepted by his peers. As the years passed, Jeff repeatedly tried to escape his addiction on his own but found it was impossible outside of God’s intervention.

    The Cleansing Power of Christ – Rob’s Story

    When Rob needed an “escape” he turned to drugs, but they left him feeling empty and unclean. Find out how Rob discovered the cleansing power of Christ. It’s available to all, regardless of the poor choices we’ve made. Find out more of what the Bible says about “Elijah – An Ordinary Man In Extraordinary Times.”

    Leaving a lasting impression–James’ Story

    While most children reflect the patterns they see in their parents, Jim was determined to live differently. His resolve failed him as he got older. Discover how Jim found hope and the strength to change when he learned to rely on Jesus. An encouraging reminder of the transforming power of grace.

    Think forgiveness is impossible? You may want to think again–John’s Story

    God’s grace and forgiveness covers all our sin and shame. John found out no matter what you’ve done, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, God has a plan for your life.
    Find out more of what the Bible says about “when we just can’t stop.”

    A heavenly Father for the fatherless–Michael & Rachel's Story

    No matter what mistakes or poor choices you’ve made, you’ll never be out of God’s reach! Find encouragement as you discover how God changed Michael’s life forever in this powerful story of redemption.

    Finding a spark of Light in her darkest hour–Sharry’s Story

    A violent, abusive marriage and unrelenting drug addiction left Sharry homeless and estranged from her family. Discover how God brought healing to Sharry and her entire family through the support of a church and local mission.

    Is it truly possible to heal from the scars of abuse?–Kay’s Story

    When someone has wounded you deeply, it may not be easy to extend forgiveness and allow healing to begin. Kay shares her story of reconciliation with a childhood abuser, and how we can find the strength to forgive from the power of God’s Word.

    Drug addiction and near-death experiences cannot stop a loving God–Sylvie’s Story

    Think you’re past the point of forgiveness? Well, Sylvie spent most of his life selling drugs and taking heroin to hide his pain. In and out of prison, multiple near-death experiences, it seemed nothing could get his attention to let him know there was a way out. God reached Sylvie in the most unexpected way.

    When hope is lost, God hears your cry–LaVanna’s Story

    Few things are more painful than losing a loved one. When LaVanna lost her husband to cancer, the loneliness was overwhelming. We’ll be reminded that in our most desperate moments God hears our cry. Have you lost all hope?

    Rescue And Response

    The sign outside Dave James’ shop in Seattle, Washington, says more about getting your life repaired than it does about fixing your vacuum cleaner, but Dave is in business to do both. The top line of the sign is always the same: Free Bibles Inside. The second line changes and features thoughts such as: Surrender Your Heart for a Brand-New Start.

    A Poor Substitute

    What happens when a person abandons his faith in God? Cases differ, to be sure, but most faith-renouncers confess to sensing a void inside. They have an emptiness that must be filled. Inevitably, they turn to a God-substitute.

    Almost anything can serve as a God-substitute—sports, art, sex, music, work, gambling, drugs, alcohol, TV—even another person.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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