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    See Jesus through Middle Eastern eyes

    The Bible was written in a much different culture than the one we live in today. Sometimes, we don’t realize how our own heritage and surroundings can influence the way we understand Scripture. Today on a classic “Discover the Word” episode, author Dr. Ken Bailey joins former hosts Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews to help us see Jesus through Middle Eastern eyes.

    When I Got Lost in Different Worldviews

    What is your “worldview”? What beliefs and values govern the way you perceive the world around you? Just like how wearing colored lens will affect how we see things, our worldview will affect how we make sense of the things that happen around us, and determine what stand we take in life.

    Are You a Believer?

    Are you a believer? You may be surprised to hear this, but all of us are—regardless of our religious inclination. We live by faith everyday—faith that our alarm clock will wake us up on time and faith that we will live to face tomorrow.

    Why I Love Rugby: The Game and Its Values

    Today (September 18), the seventh Rugby World Cup will kick off in London, with tournament hosts England taking on the Pacific Island nation of Fiji. For rugby fans, the World Cup is the biggest event on the sporting calendar.

    How My Quest For Knowledge Led to Faith

    Since young, I’ve always been curious about life—every facet of it. My sister and I used to walk around the house with big, fat dictionaries in our hands, pretending that we were very smart people. So why do I love knowledge?

    A conclusion we all need to hear

    Americans might be tempted to roll their eyes at the shorter work week that some nations are known for. But the people of those nations might shake their heads at the number of hours Americans put in at work. So, what’s the proper balance?

    4 Reasons Why We Should Take Science with a Pinch of Salt

    Whom would you believe about the “truth” of climate change? A politician, an activist, a journalist, or a scientist? That’s easy, isn’t it? Politicians have their agenda, activists work for their cause, and journalists have news to sell, but scientists—well, they’re neutral, aren’t they?

    Growing our relationship with God while we work

    Today we continue looking at how we can honor God while on the job.

    Who our real boss is

    Imagine you’re at work, and just a few steps from you, or in that office upstairs, was the Lord Jesus Himself! How would you work differently? Today our special guest Scott Rae reminds us that the Lord Jesus is on the job with us!

    Work as God originally created it

    A lot of people live for the weekend, dragging in to work on Monday and counting down to Friday. But God wants us to have a different attitude about our work week.

    A new way of looking at your job

    In our waking hours, we spend about eight to ten hours at work. Work occupies a large part of our lives. Today, special guest Scott Rae joins us to talk about our work as both a calling and a vocation. Listen in as we discuss some life-changing concepts.

    A thought-provoking conversation on evangelism

    This week we’ve been talking about how to share the gospel in a pluralistic culture. It’s the same challenge that the apostle Paul faced in his day.

    Blessing our enemies by finding common ground

    When the nation of Israel was exiled to Babylon, Jeremiah gave the Jewish leaders unexpected direction. He said, “Seek the peace of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its peace you will have peace.” Listen in as we continue our series on Acts 17.

    What we can learn from Paul about evangelism

    Are you a chameleon? That is to say, do you change your behavior depending on who you’re with? Is that always bad? Join us as we continue learning from Paul this week.

    Expressing God’s love to a lost world

    “For God so loved the world” is a phrase we’re used to hearing. Throughout the pages of the Bible, God speaks of His love and compassion for everyone. Don’t miss this important discussion.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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