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    I heard it, I believed it, but it was NOT the Truth–Stephen’s Story

    Sexual abuse can distort the way we see God and also warp the way we view ourselves. Discover how one man found release from homosexuality and the events of his childhood by experiencing the unconditional grace of Jesus.
    Find out more of what the Bible says about “Designed For Desire: God’s Design For Sexuality.”
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    Rediscover what it means to be made in the image of God

    Carolyn Custis James (M.A. in Biblical Studies) is an evangelical thinker who loves God enough to break the rules—rules of cultural convention which attempt to domesticate the gospel message of the Bible. Carolyn is president Whitby Forum, a ministry dedicated to addressing the deeper needs which confront both women and men as they endeavor to extend God’s kingdom together in a messy and complicated world.
    She is also founder and president of the Synergy Women’s Network, Inc.—a national organization for women emerging or engaged in ministry leadership. The Synergy Women’s Network sponsors annual Synergy conferences.

    A conversation about God’s plan for women

    What is God’s vision for women? Does He have a special purpose for them in the kingdom? Carolyn Custis James explored these pressing questions, and the result is a thoughtful book titled, "Half the Church." Let's sit down with Carolyn James to discuss this.

    God’s Protection of Women

    Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse can do to a marriage what murder or rape does to a life. In this booklet, author Herb Vander Lugt shares insight from Scripture to reveal God’s compassion for and protection of women who are involved in abusive marriage relationships.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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