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    Between Heaven and Earth: The Plight of the Chesapeake Bay Watermen

    The story of how one woman helped motivate a community of crab fishermen to carry their faith beyond the walls of their church to the waters of the Bay. Susan Drake Emmerich encouraged this island community to open their own Bibles to see that some of their attitudes and practices were threatening their jobs and jeopardizing the valuable resource they wanted to preserve for future generations. Between Heaven and Earth: The Plight of the Chesapeake Bay Watermen.

    The Goodness Of Work

    Some Christians grow up believing work is bad—that it’s a curse brought about by Adam and Eve’s sin. Left uncorrected, this mistaken belief can cause people to feel that what they do in their jobs every day isn’t important to God—or at the very least, isn’t as important as the work of missionaries and pastors. This is not true, as Genesis 1:26-31 teaches us.

    Garbage Island

    The other day I ran across a troubling report about people who think it is acceptable to use the ocean as a giant garbage dump. Here is an excerpt: “If you should see this amazing floating pile of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, it’s called ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.’

    September 2019: Christian Living

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