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    A moving portrayal of God’s love for His children

    Life is full of interruptions. And our usual response to these disruptions is annoyance. But that’s not the case with Jesus! Let’s look at how Jesus took a break from His plans, to touch a person in need.

    glory & authority

    John records for us two events that occurred at the beginning (probably in the first few weeks) of Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus performed the first of his 35 recorded miracles at a wedding in Cana, turning plain water used for ceremonial washing into top-quality wine (John 2:1-11). More than just showing us a tender and compassionate Jesus helping an embarrassed, newly married couple whose wine ran out too early, we’re offered a taste of His transforming power!

    Does God Perform Miracles Today?

    ” . . . the prophets who through faith . . . escaped the edge of the sword” (Hebrews 11:32b-34).
    - Sometimes when we trust God, He works for us in ordinary ways.
    - To help listeners see that not all of God’s dealings have to be miraculous.
    Do you think God works miracles today?
    Do you think there is a possibility that we overwork the term “miraculous”?
    Do you think that God often works in what seems to be the ordinary?

    Magic Or Miracle?

    Magician Harry Houdini often performed an amazing escape. He was handcuffed, put inside a sack, and locked in a trunk—but he always managed to free himself. Some claimed that he had supernatural powers, but Houdini himself said that all his tricks could be explained.

    When a museum in Wisconsin opened an exhibit that showed the secret of Houdini’s famous escape act, many magicians said it violated their code of ethics that prohibits revealing how tricks are performed. The exhibit proved Houdini was a magician, not a miracle worker.

    In His Presence: Spending Time With God

    Sometimes the hectic demands on your day can crowd out your time with God. Find out how you can develop a regular time of Bible reading and prayer, as author Dennis Fisher offers a practical guide to help you keep your appointments with God. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your quiet time as an opportunity to reconnect with the God of grace who is waiting to spend time with you.

    10 Reasons to Believe Christ Rose From The Dead

    In a world filled with belief systems making religious claims, how can you know what to believe? How can you know who to follow? This brochure offers ten pieces of evidence and witness that verify that following Christ is reasonable. As this evidence is examined and tested—we find that it can also be trusted.

    10 Reasons to Believe God Became A Man

    Every Christmas season, people celebrate the birth of Jesus—yet, many who celebrate that birth question its significance. Was Jesus merely a good man, or a skilled teacher, or a mystical wonder-worker? Here, we consider evidence that, in fact, Jesus Christ was God in human flesh—and why that matters.

    More Than A Miracle

    Miracle, it’s a word that fills us with wonder, awe, and thoughts of the spectacular. But if we look carefully at the miracles of Jesus and how He chose to perform them, we see that He is often understated, even quiet, in how He goes about them. Why is that? Is it possible that there is more behind Jesus’ miracles than just the miracles themselves?

    Join author and musician Michael Card as he walks through the miracles of Jesus and considers why each may be “More Than a Miracle.”

    Approximate running time: 26 minutes

    Until You Are Full

    A friend who lives in Singapore told me about an old Chinese greeting. Instead of “How are you?” people would ask “Have you eaten until you are full?” The greeting likely originated during a time when food was scarce and many people did not know when they would have their next meal. When food was available, it was advisable to eat until they were full.

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