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    Bible Conference

    We had a fantastic time at our Bible conferences earlier this year—listen to Bill Crowder's teaching online or get it on CD!

    Thank you for your interest in the Daily Hope for Prisoners Campaign.

    Here are two ways you might like to participate:

    • Join us in prayer for the men and women in prison who will receive a copy of  Our Daily Bread through the campaign. Pray also for prison chaplains who minister to prisoners and their families by distributing Our Daily BreadCLICK HERE
    • Give a financial gift to…

    Is there a way to expedite my order?

    Please see our shipping policy.

    What is RSS?

    RSS means Rich Site Summary or Resource Site Summary. RSS is an XML format for sharing content among different Web sites such as news items. RSS provides a way for you to subscribe to the content of a webpage in a similar way that you subscribe to an email newsletter. It is an alternative means of accessing the vast amount…


    Podcasting works the same way as an RSS feed (see our What is RSS? page for more information), with one exception. Instead of reading the new content on a computer screen, you download an MP3 file to your computer for listening with your media player or on your iPodTM or other MP3 Player.

    We highly recommend having high-speed Internet access…

    September 2019: Christian Living

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