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    Gift of Grace

    We can easily get consumed by the activities and extravagance of Christmas. We can also be burdened by the sadness of our situation and emotions. No matter the circumstances, you can lean into Jesus—the best gift we could ever receive—and He will calm your spirit.

    What’s Your Perspective?

    Through our own narrow lens of experiences, our viewpoint is often unclear and unreliable. We can feel confused and in the dark. When we realign our perspective to God’s vision, we can see clearly.

    Run to Me

    Stressed? Disillusioned? Exhausted? When life is too much, lay your crushed spirit before the Lord. He is strong. He will protect and renew you. Run to Him . . . He is waiting for you.

    Where Can I Go?

    You can travel the extremes this earth has to offer. From the physical heights and depths to the emotional highs and lows . . . God is always with you. He created you, and He knows everything about you. What a comfort to be intimately known and understood.

    Misplaced Trust

    Don’t put your trust in mere people, or in the things of this world that will fade away. The only place to put your trust is in the hands of the One who deserves it. The One who gave Himself completely for you and who continues to give day after day after day. He will […]

    Dance of the Saints

    “Eyes fixed where the Son reigns. Color them great cloud of witnesses now crowned, now reigning, dancing where the Son stay. They stayed, they stood, they praised and prayed, endured for the sake of the gospel. . . . Be not afraid to light up the dance floor, and dance more.” —Ciara Jones

    Repair Your Soul

    No matter what your circumstances, God has a plan. If you’re beat up and feel like you have nothing left to offer, let the Master take control. He knows your purpose, and He will see you through.

    Believing is Seeing

    Familiar paths are comfortable, but it’s the unknown that forces you to trust. When you struggle and fall, faith may be the only thing you have in this cruel world. It’s a gift given to help you. Trust the Giver. And He will help you see the way again.

    If I Ever Forget

    God, you are the only thing that matters. Don’t let me forget that you rescued me, filled me with life, and gave me purpose. Remind me of your goodness and your love. When my head gets clouded in this crazy life, remind me. Remind me.

    Gather Together

    Whether breaking bread around a table or coming together around the Word of God, it’s good to be with other believers. We find common ground, encouragement, and happy hearts. Fellowship is one of God’s greatest gifts to His children.

    September 2019: Christian Living

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