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    Brand Guidelines

    Downloading & using Our Daily Bread Ministries logos

    Choose the correct logo color based on the easiest readability:

    Color Logo

    1. light or white backgrounds

    Black Logo

    1. white backgrounds
    2. black-and-white printing
    3. single-color uses with light backgrounds.

    White Logo

    1. dark or colored backgrounds
    2. applications requiring a single-color logo

    Color formats will vary depending on where the logo will be used:

    Print (CMYK)

    1. office copier
    2. professional print methods

    Digital (RGB)

    1. onscreen
    2. projected presentation
    3. websites

    Other (Pantone)

    1. embroidery
    2. screen printing

    Choosing a file format:

    JPEG: Use when high-resolution…

    Help a Hurting Friend

    Encourage a hurting friend to keep trusting in God.

    Help a Prisoner

    Help a prisoner come to know true freedom through Christ.

    Leave a Legacy of Faith

    Leave a legacy of faith for the next generation.

    Jay's Story

    Share the love of God with inner-city teens searching for truth.

    United States Volunteer

    For many years, friends of Our Daily Bread asked whether we had opportunities for volunteer service. They were not interested in financial compensation, but wanted to have a part in getting Our Daily Bread and other Bible-study materials into the hands of more people. So in the fall of 2003, a volunteer program called Service Partners was established. Since that…

    September 2019: Christian Living

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