Exploring the ancient prophecy of Isaiah 53 is one of the most fascinating studies one can make. Some say it reveals the story of the Bible in just a few verses. At the heart of the mystery is identifying the one called “My servant.”

Judaism most often identifies the suffering servant as the people of Israel who also have suffered throughout history. Those who believe Jesus was the Messiah of Israel see Isaiah 53 as predicting Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, centuries before he lived. Can both interpretations find common ground?

Hosted from Israel, this 4-part DVD presents biblical scholars who discuss the clues and interpretations. Participants include Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Michael Brown, and Dr. Darrell Bock.

Also included: Bonus 30-minute documentary exploring the historical and archeological setting for Isaiah’s prophecy of hope and redemption.

Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired.

Approximate running time: 150 minutes (30 minutes for each program)