Month: October 2013


Judging Non-judgmentally

By Jasmine Uthaya Kumar, India In our day-to-day relationships, we often make judgments. These judgments shape our responses and reactions to certain things. A right judgment leads to a right reaction. And the reverse is true too. Hence, it is important that we exercise caution in our judgment. Firstly, we need to recognize that we [...]

Let’s take an insightful look at the life of faith

For many people, every question has to be answered before they put their trust in Christ. But is that how faith is supposed to happen? Perhaps you grew up thinking you have to have it all together, before you can trust the Lord.

Refusing bitterness–Joy’s Story

Let’s face it; life isn’t always fair and bad things do happen to good people. And while we may not always have a choice in what events intersect our lives, we do get to choose how we’ll respond. Joy discovers that God has the power to reach into the unexpected with grace, love, strength, and comfort....

The Power Of Demonstration

For 2 decades, ecologist Mike Hands has worked to help farmers in Central America adopt more effective methods of growing their crops. It’s difficult, however, for them to abandon their long tradition of “slash and burn” agriculture, even though they know it destroys the soil and pollutes the air.

Jars of Clay

When you buy a nice piece of jewelry, it is often tucked into a setting of black- or dark-colored velvet. I think it’s designed that way so that your attention is immediately drawn to the beauty of the jewelry. If the packaging were highly decorated, it would compete with the beauty of the treasure.

Eyes Of Love

Many people who come to Marc Salem’s stage shows think he can read minds. But he makes no such claim, saying he is not a psychic or magician, but a close observer of people. He told writer Jennifer Mulson, “We live in a world that’s mostly invisible to us because we’re not paying attention to things . . . . I’m very sensitive to what people give off” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs).

voice of faith

The news was numbing. The tears came so quickly that she couldn’t fight them. Her mind raced with questions, and fear threatened to overwhelm her. Life was going along well, when it was abruptly interrupted and forever changed without warning.

Should Christians Trust What They Read on the Internet?

Should Christians trust what they read on the Internet? Lots of Christians question the Internet as a source of reliable information, but an historical perspective can help us understand its potential. In biblical times, lots of people had rudimentary reading ability, but only a small portion of the population could read and write well. These […]

How Can We Love our Neighbor as Our Self, as Jesus Commanded?

Loving other people as oneself is a difficult goal. But Jesus clearly made it fundamental to Christian living. On one occasion, an expert in the Jewish law challenged Jesus with the question, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus answered, “ ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with […]

Can We Rely on the “Mainstream Media” as a Source of Information?

Compared to past generations, 21st-century people have access to an unprecedented amount of news. We see live coverage of disasters and conflicts in distant places and are flooded with information and commentary on thousands of subjects, from politics and social problems to religion and popular science. Much of the news we get from mainstream media […]

Should I Believe in the Doctrine of Eternal Security?

Many Bible passages emphasize the reality of our security as believers in Jesus Christ: John 10:27-30; 13:1; Romans 8:29-39; Ephesians 1:13; 4:30; Jude 1:24. But even genuine believers can backslide and lose the joy of their salvation. The New Testament gives many examples of believers who drew back from their fellowship with Jesus Christ: the […]

Is Deep Sorrow Necessary to be Saved?

Do I have to experience deep sorrow for all of my sins before I can be saved? The term repentance in Hebrew means “to turn or return and is applied to turning from sin to God” (The New Bible Dictionary). In the New Testament, the term repent has the meaning of “a change of mind.” […]

Did Jehovah, the Father, Tell Jesus What to do?

The relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is considerably more mysterious than is implied by the expression “persons of the Trinity.” The word translated LORD in the King James is always the tetragrammaton YHWH.1 This word is used in combination with other words to emphasize specific qualities of God. Whenever either Jehovah or […]

Why did God Give our Pets Such Short Life Spans?

Although land tortoises can live over 150 years and parrots sometimes live as long as people, most pets have short life spans Perhaps the Lord gave our pets short life spans to keep us from getting more attached to them than to our fellow human beings. Since the love of some intelligent pets for their […]

Is it wrong to ask God to provide financial gain?

Jesus made it clear that the measure of a person’s value has nothing to do with their material possessions. In fact, He declared that “mammon” (Syriac for wealth or riches) is one of the most common obstacles to having a right relationship with God (Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:9-13). If we pray for improvements in our […]

September 2019: Christian Living

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